Here are some recent reviews from students I have tutored on-line and locally.

Ben from the USA

“I have been taking “Chet Atkins” style Skype lessons from Matt for several months, and could not be happier with my progress. I had to come up to speed using TAB, but that has not been a problem. Matt is an excellent teacher and easy to work with. If you want to sound like Chet then Matt’s the answer.”

John from the USA

“Matt Cowe has really helped me play the guitar better and in addition to being a very good teacher, he has also transcribed finger-style guitar arrangements for me for tunes that I really wanted to learn to play, which has really improved my playing”.

Andrew from Australia

“Matt Cowe’s depth of experience covers all the bases. From music theory, live performance, improvisation, and recording. He has highly developed music transcription skills at a level of accuracy that constantly surprises me. Matt has transcribed guitar works over a wide variety of genres including classical, jazz, blues, ragtime and fingerpicking and I’m sure that has contributed to his great depth of practical exposure and insight into those genres. Matt is also a great guitarist technically – one only needs to listen to him for five seconds to work that out.

Best of all, Matt is a great teacher with a lot of formal musical education of his own behind him and he patiently provides lessons and materials that have greatly assisted me. His mentoring and tuition via Skype is the best thing I’ve done musically in years.”

Carlos from Spain

“Matt is a fantastic teacher, very friendly and he knows exactly what you need to improve your playing, after 5 minutes talking to him you feel really confident talking and playing, I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be a better musician”.

Peter from Ulverston

“I particularly enjoyed my sessions with Matt as he combines a high degree of technical capability with a genuine passion for his art across a wide variety of musical styles”